Game Development in Julia / GameZero.jl


I noticed this meetup

Our next meetup, at short notice (sorry!), will be at the Alan Turing Institute premises, within the iconic British Library building, on Monday the 24th of February. We haven’t had a metup for a while, so this is a good opportunity to regroup, and discuss the state of the Julia ecosystem.

Additionally, Avik Sengupta will show his work-in-progress library to simplify game development in Julia. Inspired by the python library of the same name, GameZero.jl is based on the SDL media framework, and aims to be a zero overhead gaming library that is particularly suited for young programmers.

We will end the evening with some potential lightning talks and shoutouts (please contact the organisers if you have something to say)

We will start at 6PM, and end by 8PM.

but couldn’t find any information here about GameZero.jl (which seems to be inspired of Pygame Zero)

I’m wondering what is current status of this project.
Is there a repository publicly available?

Ping @avik

Kind regards

Hi Sebastian,

Well, it was meant to be a secret :slight_smile:

In reality, this is a work-in-progress. The session in the London meetup was mostly a discussion around the design choices, and a demo of a very early prototype.

I’m not sure when it’ll be ready to release, hopefully soon. Keep an eye on GitHub, and given the interest, we’ll announce it here. There’ll hopefully be a JuliaCon talk.