Linux: Start bash-script and don't wait for execution

Is it possible in a standalone REPL (outside of VScode) to start a bash-script and get back focus on the current external REPL right after?
Here my snippet that works fine in VScode, but fails outside the integrated VScode-REPL:

s_bat = ""
fid = open(s_bat, "w")
    println(fid, "#! /bin/bash")
    println(fid, "echo Hallo Julia!")
Base.Filesystem.chmod(s_bat, 0o500) 
cmd_ = Cmd(`konsole --separate --noclose --show-menubar -e ./$s_bat \&`; windows_verbatim=true, detach=true)

Did you try

run(cmd_, wait=false)

as documented here?

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Sorry, - no … Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No need to apologize–glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face: