Calling repl from Julia code?

Hey, I would like to launch the REPL from a script in order to have an interactive session at a point of execution of my Julia program.
Base._start() start the REPL, but after that, the program is stuck in the loop of the REPL without having the control on it.
If I call the Base._start() from the REPL, I get a new working REPL. Instantiated variables from the first REPL are still reachable in the second one.
can a script launch a new window terminal with a REPL inside?

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@Gyslain Have you found a solution?

EDIT: also looking for such a thing

Use Base.run_repl(Base.active_repl) to call REPL anywhere, and enter CTRL+D to leave the (sub-) REPL.

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Is there a way to do it in recent versions?
Base.run_repl does not exist.

julia> using REPL

help?> REPL
search: REPL replace replace!

  Run Evaluate Print Loop (REPL)

  Example minimal code
  import REPL
  term = REPL.Terminals.TTYTerminal("dumb", stdin, stdout, stderr)
  repl = REPL.LineEditREPL(term, true)
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