Links to the source in the documentation

How does one get the links to the source to show up in the documentation?
Like this one:

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Ping. Anyone?

Do you mean that you’re reading documentation and for some reason the source link isn’t showing up or working? Or do you mean you’re writing documentation and need to set it up?

Indeed, I am writing the Documenter source. I would like to have links to the documented source code
a la Julia itself, for instance. Or Gadfly, which has the ones that show up on hover.

Do you mean the blue “source” button? Is it missing in the deployed docs? It should be automatic. Do you have a link to the bad docs?

Functions · Sparspak.jl!


to develop so it can find the right lines: Missing docstring source links · Issue #834 · JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl · GitHub

Alternatively, follow the documented way to setup GitHub Actions:
the develop/add distinction might be too subtle.


Thanks, mate!!!