Line length limit poll

When I code in Julia, I like to keep my line length below

  • 72 (to have some wiggle room on my VT100)
  • 80 (many generic coding guides)
  • 92 (Julia’s
  • 120 (I :black_heart: nested where clauses)
  • ∞ (most of my functions are one-liners)

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VS Code has automatic code wrapping. I don’t know about Atom.
So there may be another option: no limit, because the code will be rendered intelligently no matter what the length of the line.


Good point, so does Emacs and many other editors, but let’s just put that under \infty.

Just curious: does anyone know where the 92 characters per line limit comes from?

The width of my screen-split in vim. :smile:

I use 100.


Me too. I’d be fine with 92, 80 seems a bit small these days.
92 or 100 works on most modern displays to have two readable side by side pages, which I like to use to compare versions.

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