Library for visual arts?

Processing is a free and open-source programming environment perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. It allows to learn core principles of computer programming within the context of the visual arts. It runs on JAVA.

Similarly p5.js is a great tool with similar functionality in javascript.

Both JAVA and javascript are outdated.

I am largely motivated by youtube channel named - The Coding Train.

I was wondering if we have any such libraries in julia? I want to make beginners tutorials in julia but with algorithmic art & visual art in focus similar to the projects done on The Coding Train channel on youtube. Is it possible to implement such topics in julia? Is julia even suited for such applications?

My target audience is novice beginners.

Would love it if anybody can provide guidance.


Try Javis.



Luxor my image creation package of choice.

I think it is a bit lower level than Javis, which might be appealing for learning programming.

If you want to go even deeper and work at the raw pixel level, then Images is the place.