Learning how to help with the Plots.jl effort?

I love Plots.jl, you love Plots.jl, everyone loves Plots.jl.

The problem is making a flexible plotting framework is a huge task that’s probably not given the open-source effort it needs.

Can we make a table that lists all the possible options and all the possible non-deprecated backends?

I realize even this would be a large effort, so will reward the person who does so with: 10 Schrute Bucks

Are you looking for something like this https://docs.juliaplots.org/latest/attributes/#series and this https://docs.juliaplots.org/latest/supported/ ?

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Is it updated programmatically?

Just made a version of it for master, so thought I’d link it:


Yes, it should be updated every time anyone commits to PlotDocs.jl.
Holy moly that’s a big google doc file! I assume (I really hope!) you generated it programmatically?

Nope. Just felt like doing some data entry for an hour

wow :open_mouth:
would be instructive to compare with the docs ones