Learning by reading source code

I am relatively new to Julia.

In order to learn how to write good code, I was thinking of reading the source code of some “simple” packages. That would help me, I think.

Can you suggest some packages that would be suitable for me, as a newcomer to Julia?

Any other ideas apart from the one I am mentioning here?

I am currently reading “Think Julia”, which I like a lot, but I think it is not enough for me.

Another idea that I have is perhaps look for people in the area of Barcelona, Spain (or no matter where) and have the possibility of exchanging knowledge, practices, pieces of advice …

Any suggestions are welcome

What’s your background? The package I would suggest depends fairly heavily on where you’re coming from.
If you’re mathy, Primes.jl is pretty clean.
If you’re CS, maybe Datastructures.jl?
If you’re Bio, there’s a ton of bio code out there.

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I guess it also depends what you mean by “writing good code”:


This also reminds me of the following articles / documents, which are less Julia-specific though

my background is Business Administration, although I started “telecom” engineering studies (and didn’t finish them), and I am relatively fluent, with some limitations, in math and statistics.

I also like to download stock market quotes, put them in DataFrames and try to find patterns as if I were an investor.

Right now I am reading about the “structs” in Julia, and try to understand how they would mimic the OOP paradigm, although I already know that Julia, with its multiple dispatch philosophy just follows an alternative paradigm.

I hope this helps

Where to start? Forget OOP in the first place…

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I try to, but I’m coming from python !!!

It is tough to guess what you me be precisely interested in, but if you have an interest in investing or finance in general you may want to check PortfolioAnalytics.jl which I am actively developing. I aim to make it a tool for quantitative portfolio analytics. (investment returns, risk metrics, portfolio optimization etc).

To download market data you can use Market Data.jl.

ndogan, that sounds awesome !!!

let me know if you would like some help, suggestions in developping your package or anything else.

I’ve been working lately (with excel & python) on models that try to make it better than the market index (S&P500 for example), so I have some expertise.

I’ll have a look at yor package. Thank you

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@vsoler, thanks very much. Of course, I am definitely open to any suggestions, feature requests and improvements. The aim is to make it a useful tool for everyone and any contribution is more than welcome.

The package is under heavy development and for sure there is a big room for improvement.