Launching the graphs community calls

Let’s create a dedicated graphs subsection in Specific Domains instead of trying to advertise topics in unrelated ones. I think this community call and sustained engagement (and 100+ topics with related tags) warrants such a section!

Done! I’ve moved most topics tagged with graphs lightgraphs and/or metagraphs into Graphs. I tried to be somewhat careful in doing so — but if I got anything wrong please do just move it yourself (if you have permissions) or pester me directly! Or if there are any other tags that’d warrant a bulk move I can do that more efficiently than TL3s can.

This could be a point of discussion for the graphs community call tomorrow — I’ve made the category “about” section a wiki so please do add more information there, and we can pin topics to that category view if folks here would want (e.g., would it be helpful to pin The graphs ecosystem).


Thanks! I have permission to tag stuff, but I don’t think I can pin?