launch REPL from cmd vs JuliaPro

Please bear with me if my question is silly. Basically, I’m wondering what’s the difference with launching REPL from cmd windows through C:/path/to/julia/bin/julia.exe vs the build in REPL in JuliaPro.

The reason I’m asking this is that I can use range(1,20) in the REPL in JuliaPro but it raised an error of no method matching range(::Int64, ::Int64) when I was trying to run it from the REPL launched in cmd. Then, I found that the range method in JuliaPro has two methods and one of them comes from Compat. What’s even more strange is that I can import/using Compat through both ways.

So, can someone explain why is this and what’s the other differences between the ways of launching REPL?

Any help would be appreciated and again please bear with my totally newbie question!

It is very likely that one of those is an earlier version. Try evaluating VERSION in both.

Thanks a lot for your reply! They are both v’1.0.3’ Actually the REPL launched from cmd is from JuliaPro’s installation folder. I don’t have a separate Julia installed. Do you have other suggestions that I can try?

If I remember correctly, range(::Int, ::Int) is not supported in Julia 1.0.3. JuliaPro must be loading some package that makes it available, probably

For the history of range, see

Thanks a lot for the pointer to Compat.jl and history of range. Other than this specific difference, do you know what caused the difference in general? Does the REPL launched in JuliaPro started with some predefined macro or script so that the Compat module was loaded by default?

The reason I’m curious about this is that I want to run my program outside JuliaPro so that I can automate my processes. Otherwise, the program I write in JuliaPro won’t be useful in outside environment.

JuliaPro is a product by Julia Computing, so you would have to turn to them with support questions.

Personally, I would just stay away from JuliaPro unless you have some very specific requirement that makes it absolutely necessary.

I see. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!