Latex parens sizing

Satellite stability aside! I’m concerned that the open curly brace and the close curly brace in the typeset equation are not the same size. Is this right, LaTeX people?


Unfortunately, the automatically sized \left\{ [...] \right\} braces don’t work across linebreaks, which is always a source of headaches when formatting equations like this. The workaround used here is probably to match each brace with an invisible brace on the other end of the same line, so the braces end up sized to the content of their respective lines. It’s not ideal, but the alternative is to hardcode the sizes, and isn’t that the kind of layout minutia LaTeX was supposed to take care of for us?


I always find that the automatically sized parens and brackets are too big, so I always end up using \big or whatever.

The equation in the OP does not at all look like LaTeX to me, though (and I don’t mean the font).