Latest OpenBSD status?

I have been trying to compile julia on openbsd, and it’s not working.
Before I dig into debugging I figured I’d ask if anyone has gotten recent julia to work on OpenBSD?

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I don’t think julia can be compiled on Open or NetBSD yet. FreeBSD had it working. I don’t have the skills or the time at the moment, but if you do, the FreeBSD port may be a good starting point, if you’d like to port julia to OpenBSD.

Thanks for the response.
I’ve been meaning to learn OpenBSD packaging so I might give it a try.

It’s nice that you’d like to create an OpenBSD port for Julia! Thank you for that!

I Googled around a little. Here you can see another effort to port Julia to OpenBSD: Need help building Julia from source - DaemonForums

I didn’t comment there, but one issue is that the other person was trying to build Julia using GCC. I think Julia has to be built using LLVM (and probably CLANG), from my memories of building Julia from source last year.

Clang is just a front end for LLVM :frowning: The default C language system compiler on most hardware platforms supported by OpenBSD is LLVM. The most recent OpenBSD release 7.0 uses LLVM/Clang 11.1.0.