Language server crash when using filter option In range for table view

using DataFrames
rows = 1000000
stock_day = DataFrame(stock = repeat([:A,:b], Int(rows/2)), day = sort(repeat(collect(1:Int(rows/2)),2)), price = rand(rows)  )


Please open an issue at GitHub - julia-vscode/julia-vscode: Julia extension for Visual Studio Code.

I briefly see a page of error messages which then disappear when the terminal page is closed

I don’t know if these messages are logged and where to retrieve them and add to the issue description.
But I think the problem is easily reproducible with the indications provided.
Instead, I would like to make a proposal that would fit in this context if it were possible and considered interesting.
The idea is this: insert the instructions corresponding to the actions set on the GUI into the editor.
The usefulness could be that of having a filter prototype quickly available in the editor that can be edited to obtain more complex shapes that cannot be obtained from the GUI.
Would it be possible to add other options inside the table view for more complex commands like groupby, split of column, etc etc?

Yeah, I attached the stacktrace to the issue you opened.

A command to put the Julia code corresponding to the GUI operation into the REPL is a neat idea, but more advanced UI is unlikely to happen (not impossible, mind you, just needs someone to do a bunch of work, and that someone won’t be me).