Language Server constantly busy, can't toggle debug mode


Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the vs-code julia extension, however, the julia language server is constantly busy. The output console just prints:
[Error - 17:28:38] Connection to server is erroring. Shutting down server.

I tried to get more debug info. I read here, that I can toggle debug mode by changing the line:
server = LanguageServerInstance(STDIN, conn, ls_debug_mode, Base.ARGS[1])
server = LanguageServerInstance(STDIN, conn, true, Base.ARGS[1])

but still, I just get the same output of

Connection to server is erroring. Shutting down server.

Any ideas?


Do you get an option to submit a crash report? If so, please do that, then we get a full stack trace of what went wrong automatically and can (once we have some time…) try to fix this.


Sadly no, it’s just this message.


I’m experiencing exactly same problem. How can I obtain the crash dump? It’s running somewhere hidden, only error message is displayed on the console out.


OK, now VS code offered a remote report of the crash to developers - I hope that the crash-dump will reach you David. I’ve emitted almost dozen of them.
Is there a location I can look for a full crash dump that I could upload? Or is the automatic crash dump enough?


@Avi, are you on the latest version of the julia extension? We just added the option to send crash reports.

@phlavenk Thanks for submitting! It should be enough to to click “yes” on that, it will then automatically upload to our telemetry story and we can take a look.

No promise though on when we’ll be able to fix this, both @ZacLN and I have been quite busy lately with other stuff.


I am on 0.10.2. I set send telemetry to true for now, maybe that will do something in the future (it was null before)


That setting will only send anonymous usage stats. There is another setting for crash reports, which is the one that would help us in this situation (hopefully).


Ok, I set that to true too.