VScode Linter no longer working: The Julia Language Server server crashed

I want first to thank the efforts of Prof. David Anthoff :smile: and Prof. Zac Nugent :grinning: for providing to the Julia community such an efficient tool which works very efficiently for large projects (building hydrological models). I find the Linter very useful to detect errors before running the code.

Unfortunately, the Linter of the Visual Studio code is no longer functioning and I am getting the following error message The Julia Language Server server crashed 5 times in the last 3 minutes. The server will not be restarted. Randomly the Linter works for a few seconds than disappears.

The questions we have:

  • Has anyone encountered the same issue and what resolution is there?

  • Does the Julialang in VScode needs to communicate to the internet?

  • If yes what server is it trying to communicate with?


  • Visual Studio Code 1.4.3
  • Julia Version 1.3.1
  • Windows 10 Pro with high security setting (usage of Zscaler).

Many thanks for any help you may provide

I don’t know if that is related, but all my code in the current environment is not recognized by the IDE:
Is there a solution? Does it have anything to do with the above?

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These are distinct problems.

@JosephPollacco the best thing you can do right now is to send crash reports when things crash. We are in a “fix ALL crash reports” phase right now, and all we need to get to the bottom of these cases are crash reports from the telemetry. And we are getting to the bottom of this, in the last 24 hours only 10 users out of the more than 500 that our crash reporting tracked had a crash. That is an all-time low. And we are determined to fix those remaining crashes as well!

@PetrKryslUCSD that might be worth opening an issue (or checking whether we have an open issue for this already. We do have a couple of open issues that are similar. Right now we are focusing on just fixing the outright crashes, once we have that under control we will look into those other issues.


Dear David,

Thanks for responding. To help you find a solution I would like to provide you further information. I can use VScode with no problems just the linter suddenly stopped working (no mistakes underlined) . I just get the following message:

The Julia Language Server server crashed 5 times in the last 3 minutes. The server will not be restarted.

I work for a large government organisation with tight security and my Computer Support Team asked you:

  • Does the Julia Language Server needs to communicate to the internet?

  • If yes what “server” is it trying to communicate with?

Kind regards,

Done: found an issue that was already labeled as bug.

@JosephPollacco the language server does not need to communicate with the internet during normal operations, and I think that is also generally true for the extension. We do send stuff to an internet server if you opt into telemetry or if you send a crash report. Both of these are opt-in decisions. Even if you opt-in and then your security blocks us from sending stuff, it shouldn’t crash.

What you are seeing is the “normal” behavior if one part of the extension crashes. There is simply a bug in our code. I think right now the only way to get the right diagnostics to us is by sending a crash report, I don’t think there is any other UI that would allow you to send us information that helps. So I’m afraid that if your employer doesn’t allow you to send a crash report, I don’t know how we could get the necessary info to us to get to the bottom of this.

The crash reporting sends the information to Microsoft Application Insights. I don’t know their server structure, but it probably is something somewhere in the MS Azure cloud…

Thanks for providing us with your answer.

Will you kindly inform us how can we check that VScode is actually sending you the crash report when “julia.enableCrashReporter” : true, ?

I don’t think there is an option to check, I’m afraid.

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Dear David, one of the reason why the The Julia Language Server server crashed is simply because my project become too large. The linter started to work again once I deleted a number of files. A work round is to use simultaneously 2 VScode editor at the same time.

Can we temporary solve this problem by selecting the files we want the linter to work?

I can’t think of any reason why it would crash because of size, in fact I think we stop linting if there are too many files. This still just looks like a bug somewhere in our code.

:smile: Thanks David you successfully solved the problem with the version of Visual Code 0.15

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