Lag in using sublime text + revise on a new laptop

I am encountering a somewhat strange issue that I haven’t faced before. I am editing a file in sublime text, and I save the file and switch over to an open session that has Revise loaded. For some reason, the update to the file isn’t reflected immediately in the REPL. I need to wait for 3-4 seconds for some buffer to be flushed to disk, after which Revise manages to load the changes. This is on a new laptop where the /home partition is on an M.2 SSD, formatted as ext4.

I wonder if anyone has faced similar issues before. I’m uncertain if it’s an issue with the hardware setup, or with sublime, or it lies elsewhere.

I would bring this up on the ST forum,

Let me guess: On Win10?

Windows in general has several serious issues in the filesystem cache, that leads to delayed updates of files.

Revise does have a polling option that would create a few sec lag. You don’t happen to have that accidentally on?

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Thanks, this was indeed the solution. Unbeknownst to me, this was being set in one of the rc files that I had probably copied over from another system.

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