KNITRO.jl cannot be added with latest JuMP, MathOptInterface

Dear All,

If I try to install KNITRO


it downgrades JuMP and MathoptInterface

  Resolving package versions...
   Installed BinaryProvider ───── v0.5.10
   Installed MutableArithmetics ─ v0.3.3
   Installed KNITRO ───────────── v0.11.1
   Installed Ipopt ────────────── v0.9.1
   Installed MosekTools ───────── v0.11.0
   Installed JuMP ─────────────── v0.22.3
   Installed MathOptInterface ─── v0.10.9
    Updating `C:\Users\shuvo\.julia\environments\v1.6\Project.toml`
  [b6b21f68] ↓ Ipopt v1.0.1 ⇒ v0.9.1
  [4076af6c] ↓ JuMP v0.23.0 ⇒ v0.22.3
  [67920dd8] + KNITRO v0.11.1
  [1ec41992] ↓ MosekTools v0.12.0 ⇒ v0.11.0
    Updating `C:\Users\shuvo\.julia\environments\v1.6\Manifest.toml`
  [b99e7846] + BinaryProvider v0.5.10
  [b6b21f68] ↓ Ipopt v1.0.1 ⇒ v0.9.1
  [4076af6c] ↓ JuMP v0.23.0 ⇒ v0.22.3
  [67920dd8] + KNITRO v0.11.1
  [b8f27783] ↓ MathOptInterface v1.1.0 ⇒ v0.10.9

I have opened an issue on KNITRO.jl, but I was wondering if any of you have a quick fix? I am preparing to release a Julia package in a few weeks that uses KNITRO and JuMP, and I would prefer to use the latest version. Any tips/suggestions will be much appreciated.

The latest version of KNITRO.jl is 0.11.1 and was released 5 days ago. It works with Knitro (the solver, not the wrapper) 11, 12 and 13. Your first install is correct, and downgrade JuMP to 0.22.3 as KNITRO.jl does not support MOI 1.0 in the version 0.11.1. You can use KNITRO.jl#master if you have to use JuMP 0.23/MOI 1.0, and a new release of KNITRO.jl is expected soon.

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Thank you for the information @frapac !

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