JuMP 0.19-beta released (JuMP/MathOptInterface)

Just in time for the holidays, we’re happy to announce that JuMP 0.19-beta is now released. We’re wrapping up the big transition to MathOptInterface (MOI) from MathProgBase. There are no more breaking changes planned for the 0.19 release and a few blockers remain.

See NEWS.md for a list of breaking changes and new features since JuMP 0.18.

See the docs for a list of solvers that are compatible and not yet compatible with JuMP/MathOptInterface.

JuMP 0.19-beta runs on Julia 0.7 or later. To install it:

] add JuMP#v0.19-beta2

The feedback we received from JuMP 0.19-alpha was super helpful in creating a more polished release (for example, we redid termination statuses so that for common cases it’s not necessary to also inspect the result statuses). Please give the beta a try and let us know what you think!


  • As warned, we made a number of breaking changes between JuMP 0.19-alpha and 0.19-beta. We haven’t maintained a list of these.
  • JuMP 0.19-beta requires MOI 0.8. Some MOI-compatible solvers haven’t yet been updated to 0.8 and will not install with JuMP 0.19-beta because of conflicting version requirements.

P.S. The deadline for talk submissions to JuMP-dev was extended to January 4th. Hope to see you in Santiago!