Juliaup: remove old versions?

I’ve been using juliaup and keeping updating. I think I’ve subscribed to the “release” channel. Now my ~/.julia/compiled/ includes several versions:

$ cd ~/.julia/compiled/
$ du -skh *
 60M	v1.6
181M	v1.7
970M	v1.8
3.7G	v1.9
280M	v1.10

My question is, how to remove the older versions? I tried something like juliaup remove 1.6 but these didn’t work:

$ juliaup remove 1.6
Error: '1.6' cannot be removed because it is currently not installed.
$ juliaup status
 Default  Channel  Version                          Update
       *  release  1.10.0+0.aarch64.apple.darwin14

macOS 14.3 ; I’ve obtained juliaup from Homebrew.

Julia 1.6 (and others) are simply not installed on your system. The compiled folder is only full of compilation artifacts that can olways be reproduced from scratch, you can safely delete them if you want (they might take some space indeed).

You can even delete the 1.10 folder, although you might have to wait for stuff to recompile next time you load a julia environnement.


Oh, I see! Those files are what’s usually called “cache”! You delete them and they will be generated if/as necessary.