JuliaPro 1.3.1-1, Windows, PyPlot fails during build

On a fresh install of JuliaPro 1.3.1-1 under Windows PyPlot fails during the build phase (does not matter if installation is for single user or all users on the machine). If I interpret the error messages correctly, the problem seems to be that “conda install -y matplotlib” tries to use
Can anyone replicate? Is there a workaround? Older versions (1.2.x) install flawlessly on the same machine.

We’ll take a look. Which version of Windows do you have? Do you have python on conda installed separately on your machine?

Windows 10, no separate Python. Let me know if there is other information I can provide

Please execute following commands in your JuliaPro, this should solve the issue. If you encounter an error once again (Or while executing below commands). Please share the exact error message


Thanks, it worked perfectly! Just out of curiosity, did I do something wrong or is it a problem in the package? Anyhow, THANKS!