Juliapackages.com and juliaobserver.com broken?

Both those sites seem to be down. Trying to visit juliapackages.com gives an Application Error. Trying to visit juliaobserver.com gives a “Whoops…Something went wrong.”

Can reproduce for juliapackages.com. Is that supposed to be replaced by juliahub.com or something?

No; both are run by @djsegal, with JuliaPackages apparently slated to replace JuliaObserver: Shutting down Julia Observer… [posted 4/1/20].

JuliaHub is unrelated and run by Julia Computing.

Oh nice. Yeah, looks to be down then though.

juliapackages.com is showing error page for me. Wonder what’s wrong?

Given that it’s hosted on heroku I’d guess it timed out connecting to GitHub (or some other data source) when starting up at some point. Heroku will aggressively shut down servers and spin them up on-demand, but if you fail to spin up just one time it’ll give that error page forever (until you manually rebuild it again).

Whoops. Have been taking some time away from computers

Both sites are up again. Sorry for the service outage

// also the sunset was an april fools joke :stuck_out_tongue:

the problem with juliapackages.com is that it doesn’t have a daily worker

this daily worker is also probably why juliaobserver.com keeps going down