Juliapackages.com and juliaobserver "down"/black, anyone know why?

Maybe this is only happening for me, I can view source for both, but at least do not work in my Firefox on Linux.

Renders as a black page in Chrome for me.

Juliaobserver.com down? Current problems and status. says it is up, but I guess thy just to an http(s) request

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Thanks, I thought it was a temporary problem, and only realize now days later. [I wanted to report it, seeing now it was on two sites.]

Make “find your next julia package” tagline a bit ironic, but ok.

Both JuliaObserver and JuliaPackages are back up. Apologies for the inconvenience. Just maybe try to love each other a little more?

Also want to clarify that I am in no way affiliated with Julia Computing. I just build useful user-friendly websites pro bono (apparently?)

w/ <3
- chagall

// fwiw: this past two weeks is the longest stretch of downtime in 4 years

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