JuliaImages organization temporarily unvailable

GitHub appears to have suspended the JuliaImages organization for as of yet unknown reasons. We have contacted GitHub and are awaiting a reply, but in the meantime installations of packages from JuliaImages or those packages that depend on it will fail. We apologize for the inconvenience and will work with GitHub to restore service as soon as possible.

As a temporary workaround in the meantime, if you have Julia 1.4 or above, you may set the JULIA_PKG_SERVER=geo.pkg.julialang.org environment variable to opt into the new Pkg Server feature that will be coming in Julia 1.5. Hopefully that can get you up and running again if you absolutely rely on JuliaImages in the meantime.

Disclaimers about the Pkg server: Please note that this service is currently experimental and unfinished. As with everything in Julia, the warranty disclaimers apply, so we don’t guarantee it’ll keep running. Also, we’re still in the process of drafting and implementing the privacy policy, so for now by opting in you agree that the full requests may be logged ;).


Alright, looks like we’re back after a bit of social media outreach. Sorry about that everyone, we’ll try to work with GitHub to prevent similar issues from re-occurring in the future and of course the Pkg server is also in our future.