JuliaCon 2023 Call for Volunteers

Hi all,

The JuliaCon 2023 Organizing Committee is looking for volunteers for three positions:

  1. Webmaster: maintaining the JuliaCon website, updating it with keynote bios, abstracts, sponsors and local information. At the time of the conference, make sure the YouTube live streams are easily accessible from the website. Should coordinate with the publicity chairs to ensure relevant social media gets out about content on the website.

  2. Audio Video Chair: Coordinate with our AV vendors to ensure that systems are set up in the various conference venues and live-streams to YouTube proceed smoothly. Will need to coordinate with other volunteers who are present in each classroom monitoring AV.

  3. Local Organization Chair: We need another local chair to take charge of efforts such as coordinating with food vendors for breakfast, lunch, coffee and other conference events. Will need to coordinate with rest of the community on conference requirements, especially with the other local chair.

If you are interested in any of the positions, DM me on the Julia slack or tag me on #juliacon channel! We will add you to the organizer calls and get you plugged in.

Ranjan Anantharaman
Executive Chair, JuliaCon 2023


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