Juliacon 2017 workshops?


Have the workshops for Juliacon 2017 been announced? I can’t find any info.


I do find it odd that the early-bird special ends before they are announced.


Not yet, no, since the deadline for submitting proposals is tomorrow (March 31).


It seems to be working right now.


What I mean is, the early-bird specials are going right now, but it will end before proposals are due. So if you’re waiting to see what the workshops will be before paying extra for the workshop day, you will have to pay the extra amount because the early-bird special will be gone by that time. I know that the special is to get people to commit early, but that seems a little too early IMO. It’s not a big deal (I just doubled-down, going to the workshops no matter what they are! :slight_smile:) , but it is something I’d hope the committee changes in the future.

I had this same thought as the OP last night though while buying the ticket (I was waiting to see if any announcement of what the workshops would be!), so I was commenting because maybe we were thinking it for the same reason (gotta buy before the special ends!)


OP here. Yes, my reasoning was the same as @ChrisRackauckas 's. I’m unsure about buying an early bird ticket which includes the workshops, because I don’t know what they’ll be.


I understand your point, but based on experience from past years, they will be worth it!


Once they review board has taken a look at the workshop proposals they will be officially announced. I expect that to be early next week.


We have put together the list of workshops http://juliacon.org/2017/talks.html and the early bird special has been extended till April 15th.