JuliaBox downtime next week


Juliabox is moving to new infrastructure, and hence the system will be down maintainance on the 27th and 28th of August 2017.

A major advantage of the new infrastructure will be the provision of larger disk space for all accounts. Further, there will also be the ability to use multiple CPUs.

Please bear with us in case there is any instability as part of the move. In particular, logging in might be slow as the load ramps up. It should settle down over the next week or so.

Please write to us at juliabox@juliacomputing.com if you have any further thoughts.


It seems that I still have 500MB of disk space. Do I need to do something to get my account eligible for larger disk space?



We did a test migration last weekend, but found some issues and so have kept all users on the old infrastructure. The final migration is now scheduled to happen 15-17 September. We’ll make another announcement closer to that time.




Thanks for the update.

I have planned to teach a Julia course at my business school, starting 19 Sep. I hope things work then.

The current situation (as of 31 Aug, but repeatedly over the last few weeks) is that JuliaBox refuses to run any of my simple 0.6 notebooks developed for the course. (“A connection to the notebook server could not be established”.)

I thus seek advice from the maintainers. Do you have a high confidence in solving this, or would you advise me to cancel the course (better to do it now, than 19 Sep)?

/Paul S


Hi Paul,

Sorry for the trouble you’ve been having. If you email us any notebooks you’re having trouble with, we’ll try and see what is wrong. Even the current Juliabox infrastructure should not be that unstable, but in any case we will ensure this works for you. Please could you email us at juliabox@juliacomputing.com, and we’lll figure this out.





thanks for the kind offer, but I start to suspect that it’s my computer that is at fault, not JuliaBox. I tried a couple other PCs (Win 7 and 10), and JuliaBox seems to work fine.

Sorry for wasting your time.

/Paul S

P.S. Any hints on “A connection to the notebook server could not be established” are welcome. (So far, I know that it is not the browser, nor the anti-virus.)


NoScript or similar add-on? Try safe mode for Firefox or --disable-extensions for Chrome.


Thanks, but it turned out to be Bitdefender’s fault (I suspect the firewall). /Paul S


For the record, if you click on the spanner icon on the top right, the resulting page has a “Network Test” link that will tell you if your browser can connect successfully to JuliaBox.




“Network Test”

was less helpful than hoped for. It never indicated any problems (before/after the main issue was solved). Also, the consol worked fine all along. In contrast, the notebooks could never connect to the server.