Julia wrapper for libssh?

Is there a julia wrapper for libssh somewhere? I would like to be able to transfer a part of a large file located on a remote server using sftp (the file itself could be 100G, but I might be interested in a small subset of the data contained in that file). I realise this could be solved by splitting up the data into smaller files, but I have quite a number of these large files generated by a different process and I’d like to avoid having to split them up.

It would be really cool if something like this worked:

using SSH
data = open(SSH.new_session("username","password")) do session
   data = SSH.sftp_open(session, "remotefile") do ff
    SSH.sftp.seek(session, ff, pos)
    data = SSH.sftp.read(session, ff, bytes)

I started working on RemoteFiles that will hopefully end up solving my problem.

No idea whether anyone wrote a wrapper around libssh already, but note that we have OpenSSH_jll which provide OpenSSH on all platforms. Note also a package called RemoteFiles.jl already exists.

Thanks for pointing out the name clash, I will rename my package then. Also, thanks for pointing out OpenSSH_jll, I’ll definitely have a look at that.