[ANN] SFTPClient.jl Package for Working with SFTP Files

SFTPClient simplifies working with SFTP Files in Julia. Built on top of Downloads.jl, and provides readdir, download, upload, cd, rm, rmdir, mkdir, mv.

Note: You must first use your local sftp client to set up certificates
This is done in Windows by using Command Line (cmd.exe) or Windows PowerShell. in Linux use your favorite shell.
Execute “sftp -o HostKeyAlgorithms=ssh-rsa myuser@siteIwantToConnectTo.com” and acccept any certificates. After this you should be able to connect via the Julia SFTP Client. See GitHub for more debugging tips.


    using SFTPClient
    sftp = SFTP("sftp://test.rebex.net/pub/example/", "demo", "password")
    # On Windows, replace this with an appropriate path
    SFTPClient.download.(sftp, files, downloadDir=downloadDir)