Julia-vscode on MacOs vs Windows

When I execute file (F5 or Command Palette>Julia: Execute File) on MacOS - REPL terminal shows me all code I’ve written - evaluates and shows all lines

But on Windows 10 the same terminal acts like C++ terminal - It evaluates but doesn’t shows

It’s important for me, because it is easier to learn language.
Can I solve this problem/task?

Can you check the version of the julia extension on the two systems? They should behave in the same way, but we did change that behavior in a recently released version, so maybe one of your systems is stuck on an old extension version?

Julia version on my PC 1.1.1 and vscode Julia extension 0.12.3
On my MacOs High Sierra(10.13.6) Julia-1.2 and vscode Julia extension 0.11.6 because 0.12 is broken on my Mac, but I don’t care 0.11.6 works very well.

Ah, that explains it, we changed the behavior in v0.12!

In what sense is version 0.12 broken on Mac, that shouldn’t be the case!

Can you tell me what you mean about behavior ? and what you mean about “the same way” ? - The terminal in the first picture behaves in the wrong way or vice versa …

We changed how code is executed in v0.12, in particular code is not echoed if you run a file in v0.12, but it was in previous versions.

Dito, if you want to see each line of the code as it executes you can always send them to the REPL individually (e.g. Ctrl-Eenter)

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