Julia + VSCode Import error from ModelingToolkit


I’m trying to get started with ModelingToolKit. I’m using Julia through a jupyter notebook in VSCode. The environment is different from the default environment used by the command line julia executable. Julia itself is installed under a conda environment.

I’m running into an import error from ModelingToolKit

ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching static_loop(::Symbol, ::Int64, ::Int64, ::Missing)
Closest candidates are:
  static_loop(::Symbol, ::Int64, ::Int64, ::Int64) at ~/anaconda3/envs/julia-1.7.1/share/julia/packages/LoopVectorization/ndGJi/src/reconstruct_loopset.jl:64

ModelingToolkit was installed using Pkg.add("ModelingToolkit", preserve = PRESERVE_ALL) which should preserve all dependencies from ModelingToolkit. How can I rectify this error?

Please don’t double post.

We can continue this there. I already notified @Elrod