Julia vs R vs Python



I am a huge fan of the language. I would be very happy if it reaches that level of sophistication as in R, python and others.

I agree to everything all of you have said.

All I am saying is just because you have an electric car you shouldn’t ignore that petrol car was necessary to reach to this level.

They created the best tool with the information available then and you are creating a new age electric tool because you have experience of past generations with you.

I would really love if we can just respect that and move on. I am a part of you too… I am just trying to say that too much comparison can actually force people to take a stand against your proposal.

Let’s just move :heart: together


I think Julia is more sophisticated than Python or R in many ways. What it currently lacks is “run one command to do my analysis”.


Perhaps because it caters to people whose analyses are fairly complex and require quite a bit of custom work, which is in turn difficult to do in “run one command” environments.


Agreed, but I think what is lacking here is that large numbers of publications introducing new methods come with julia packages that let you apply the method easily. Such an ecosystem grows slowly and does not like breaking changes :slight_smile: .


Sorry, I don’t understand you. Would you mind to rephrase?

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I’ve closed this topic since it seems like it just won’t die on its own and it is well past the point of being productive.