Julia v1.6.0-rc1 is now available

Mac? I think the RC was updated for mac since the previous one accidentally had asserts enabled. Perhaps the checksums haven’t been updated yet…

Thanks. Should I wait until tomorrow before I try again?

You might try again now. @ararslan just mentioned on Slack that he has updated the checksums.

Just failed again. Same message.

Some packages cannot be installed with v1.6.0-rc1, such as GDAL.jl. As explained as follows, this is not caused by packages themselves.

If you install this GDAL.jl version it works. It doesn’t depend on any *_jll but on the other hand it requires having GMT installed.

Do github actions take longer than Travis for this kind of thing (checksum updates)?

I updated the issue with instructions on how to resolve it, would be great if someone could pick it up before the 1.6 release.

Still no joy one day later

Checksum of downloaded file does not match the expected checksum from versions.json. Expected: dafa3431861b8aa4a82f0885f84b21a39332f1e931c09660af70ad25a716eec8 Got: 7e6a0298eebe48d408279c6f99cb5df575b39097c44846971e5851a4daf25f0a

Julia ^1.6.0-0 - macOS-latest - x64: .github#L1