Julia v1.3.0-rc3 is now available

The third (and we hope final) release candidate for Julia v1.3.0 is now available. Get binaries for all of your favorite platforms at https://julialang.org/downloads, assuming of course that your favorite platforms are Linux (i686, x86-64, ARMv7, AArch64), Windows (32-, 64-bit), macOS, and FreeBSD (x86-64). Check out the NEWS file to see what will be new in 1.3.0 and see the list of commits included since 1.3.0-rc2 here.

As a release candidate, this should not be considered production-ready; it’s intended to give users a chance to try out their code with 1.3.0 prior to a full release. Note that 1.3 on Travis, AppVeyor (with Appveyor.jl), and Cirrus (with CirrusCI.jl) now points to 1.3.0-rc3.

Let us know in the issue tracker if you run into any issues. Assuming no problems arise with this release candidate, we’ll move forward with a full 1.3.0 release soon.



As one of the main “new cool stuff” of this version is the new high-level thread api, is there any tutorial on it?

Yes, there is something about multithreading :

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