Julia v0.6: loaded JLD file does not show full contents

(Still) new to julia so bear with me. I have a file Pkg.jld that was saved with package versions from a julia v0.6 installation. I have the correct JLD installed but when I execute load("<path>/Pkgs.jld")["data"] the output is cut off. It prints

Dict{String,VersionNumber} with 139 entries:
  "FFTW"                 => v"0.0.4"
  "Gtk"                  => v"0.14.0"
  ... (more packages)
  :                      => :

but it shows less than the claimed 139 entries. How can I see all the entries in the encoded dictionary?

Additionally, how would I automatically install these packages at these specific versions? Or at least checkout the specific versions if the packages are already installed?

xref: Julia v0.6: loaded JLD file does not show full contents - Stack Overflow

Please don’t double post on different sites. And if you do, at least cross reference.

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I already answered on stackoverflow, show(stdout, "text/plain", yourdict).

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Thank you very much, and sorry about the double post - sometimes it’s very hard to get answers to Julia questions, especially v0.6, and I’ve been pulling my hair out. Won’t do it in the future.

Do you have any thoughts on how I could automatically install or at least checkout the versions of a bunch of packages? I could write a bash script I guess to manually cd into each directory and try to checkout the tag but wondering if there is a way to do it quickly in julia.

Thanks again.

In v0.6, I don’t know - wasn’t it possible to specify versions in the REQUIRE file? -, but in v1.0 you can use Project.toml and Manifest.toml files to specify the precise versions of used packages. Then you can just Pkg.instantiate() to get your precise package environment back.

Yeah, I know about those in v0.7+ but there doesn’t appear to be anything like that in v0.6.

Thanks for your help