Julia simulations in the cloud - for dummies

I am working through a simulation project that requires too much memory for my PC. Also, I need concurrency to cut down the time needed to complete all simulations.

I have no experience with cloud computing and I hope somebody here is kind enough to describe to me (as if I was five years old) the process of taking the code on my local PC, running multiple instances of the code (different simulation settings) in the cloud, saving results, and retrieving them to my local PC. I am thinking about Julia setup (or is that pre-installed) and interfacing (is that as-if I was using my local PC?)

Of course, I also need advice about the best place to run the simulations for a beginner.

Have you looked at


Which is aimed at your use case.

More importantly though, before throwing compute at a problem it is important to make sure the unparallelised code is optimized. Given that you are saying your code requires too much memory, are you sure you have minimized allocations (which can also be important to make parallel code run well)?