Julia save ".rdata" equivalent

I can’t find a consensus for what would be a good .rdata file equivalent. I like rdata files because they are very compact and I can throw multiple objects into them.
Any suggestions?

Strictly speaking, there isn’t one. Julia’s type system is orders of magnitude more complex than R’s (which basically has about 6 vector types, the rest is done by metadata composed of the same).

I would recommend JSON or HDF5 for most applications.


SQLite which could store tabular data directly as tables, and serialized vars in a special vars table with blobs

For relatively short-lived data there is serialize/deserialize - I use them as a kind of a cache to save values that can easily be recomputed. Works reliably for complex types as well.

but can you reliable load the data back in the julia type?

you can serialize the data and squish that into a blob column