Julia PyPlot: how to assign multiple colors to legend

I am assigning the color of a plot drawn with PyPlot manually, I need to assign the same color to the legend. How can I control the color parameter?
I am using the following but it gives me an error:

legend(["A", "B", "C"], 
    color = ["blue", "red", "green"],

What is the correct syntax?
Thank you

if you’re looking to color the text in the legend, one way to do it by looping over the text objects after creating the legend.

l = legend(["A", "B", "C"], loc="best")

for t in l.get_texts()
    if t.get_text() == "A"
        setp(t, color="blue")
    elseif t.get_text() == "B"
        setp(t, color="red")
    elseif t.get_text() == "C"
        setp(t, color="green")

The loop may be condensed using broadcasting:

((t,c)->setp(t, color=c)).(l.get_texts(), ["blue", "red", "green"]);
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Thank you, but the color of text I found I could change it directly with labelcolor = ["blue", "red", "green"].
I am looking for the same construct but for the color of the lines (and, prospectively, the icons)…