Plot two legends (e.g. one for color and one for shape) with `Plots.jl`

How can I make a plot like this in Plots.jl (this was made with matplotlib):


Basically four lines:

plot( data1, color=c1, linestyle=s1)
plot!(data2, color=c2, linestyle=s1)
plot!(data3, color=c1, linestyle=s2)
plot!(data4, color=c2, linestyle=s2)

And now I would like one legend that explains the linestyle and one that explains the color. Is that feasible directly through Plots.jl?

Not sure about the second legend (I guess in matplotlib this operates directly with legend objects?), but you could simply add two invisible lines to the plot to have the legend entries:

plot(rand(10), color=1, label = "random")
plot!(rand(10), color=2, label = "optimized")
plot!(rand(10), color=1, linestyle=:dot, label = "")
plot!(rand(10), color=2, linestyle=:dot, label = "")
plot!([1], [0], label = "validation", color = "black")
plot!([1], [0], linestyle = :dot, label = "cost", color = "black")

Indeed, the matplotlib code operates on legend objects and series handles directly.

The invisible lines suggestion would work great, thanks!