Julia, Pluto and Docker Images

Going forward the desire 9s to build a simulation of Neonatal Invasive Ventilator during resuscitation using Julia, Pluto and use docker images as a distribution method for the beta viewing. I plan to use VS Code as the code editor.
Since am coming from the physician side and not a pure computer science person. Here is what I want is to create a docker image with Julia, Pluto and run the Docker image from Docker Desktop for the Apple mac pro silicon version. I am having trouble creating a Julia image that can run Pluto from the Docker Image and using my chrome browser from my Mac os desktop.

I am failing to create an image that can do this, my goal is to avoid installing Pkg’s into the mac os system, so if I goof it will not kill my machine. The corrupted Docker file is deleted and started over.
I am failing at creating the Docker file.
Can someone point me a pre-built image or a detailed blog post on this area?


In your Dockerfile, use the Run command to install the pkgs that you need. For the package Plots you would add the following to your Dockerfile:

RUN julia - e "import Pkg; Pkg.add(“Plots)”

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GitHub - JuliaPluto/docker-stacks: Run pluto on Docker

thank you for the link

the only small problem - it is not updated to the latest Julia ( 1.7.1 )

  • FROM julia:1.6.0
  • FROM julia:1.6.1 as builder

probably it is not so hard to update to the latest Julia.

Thank you for the help.
Question, Can a Docker image put a virus, trojan horse, malware on to my computer?
Is there any way to write an interactive blog in Pluto and have it widely available on the web for non-computer people?

my suggestion:

self hosting: rent a cheap VPS ~ 5 - 20 EUR / month

or read the related thread:

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