Julia Pkg Update Stalls on Update in Docker - us-east-ci registry

We are using Julia in a CI workflow. For the last 24 hours our CI workflow has been hanging on Pkg.update. After digging in, it looks like the docker can’t wget https://pkg.julialang.org/registries:

root@whatever:~# wget https://pkg.julialang.org/registries
--2020-11-16 21:50:37--  https://pkg.julialang.org/registries
Resolving pkg.julialang.org (pkg.julialang.org)...
Connecting to pkg.julialang.org (pkg.julialang.org)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 NA CI internal redirect trigger
Location: https://us-east-ci.pkg.julialang.org/registries [following]
--2020-11-16 21:50:37--  https://us-east-ci.pkg.julialang.org/registries
Resolving us-east-ci.pkg.julialang.org (us-east-ci.pkg.julialang.org)...
Connecting to us-east-ci.pkg.julialang.org (us-east-ci.pkg.julialang.org)||:443... 

I tried changing the JULIA_PKG_SERVER env to https://us-west-ci.pkg.julialang.org/registries, which gets this step to pass, but the process still hangs.

Do I just wait for the us-east registry to become available again? Is there something else I could be missing?

I belive this was just fixed. Can you try again?



Looks like it is working now! Thank you