Julia pkg unable to connect internet on termux

I’m trying to add language server for my text editor but Julia pkg gives me this error.

I have installed glibc glibc-runner and my internet connection is working well.

Does Termux have the needed permissions to access the Internet?

Yes internet is working in Termux.
Julia pkg also work under proot-distro fedora
But does not work without proot on Termux.

   56  function pkg_server_registry_info()
   57      registry_info = Dict{UUID, Base.SHA1}()
   58      server = pkg_server()
   59      server === nothing && return nothing
   60      tmp_path = tempname()
   61      download_ok = false
   62      try
   63          f = retry(delays = fill(1.0, 3)) do
   64              download("$server/registries", tmp_path, 
   65          end
   66          f()
   67          download_ok = true
   68      catch err
   69          @warn "could not download 
                  $server/registries" exception=err
   70      end

As per log this function is catching error ig

Start with some simple diagnostics. Can you log into your machine and run
ping pkg.julialang.org
dig pkg.julialang.org
Also run ‘env’

ps. I do not understand what is meant by proot

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