JULIA_PKG_SERVER related documentation

Environmental variable JULIA_PKG_SERVER appears rather regularly in questions related to registry update issues (last example is Updating extremly slow today). But where one can find documentation related to this variable?

My problem is that I am always forgetting the name of this variable and search in 1. Introduction · Pkg.jl and Environment Variables · The Julia Language does not return any results.

So, outside of answers to some discourse topics, where a regular person can find information about this variable and registry servers behaviour? It would be nice to have it easily discoverable in a form of FAQ or troubleshooting section of Julia/Pkg docs.

See JuliaLang/Pkg.jl#1996 and JuliaLang/Pkg.jl#1876.


Note that the link to Pkg documentation is wrong, you should use https://pkgdocs.julialang.org/v1 instead

Oh, thank you. As always, that was google result, pity that it leads to wrong page. But why stable is v1.1.2? Is it intentional?