Julia package not up-to-date

I am using Julia version 1.3.1 (2019-12-30) on Mac OS, official binary downloaded from Julia website.

I wanted to add the package Parametron, so I used Julia’s Pkg interface to add it. It reported that the version of Parametron installed was 0.8.0. However, on the github repo, the current version is 0.9.1, which was released 7 months ago (version 0.8.0 is over 1 year old). No matter how I tried (removed the package then reinstalled it), the version is always 0.8.0. So I checked https://github.com/JuliaRegistries/General/tree/master/P/Parametron and version 0.9.1 was in there. When I checked my local registries (~/.julia/registries/General) the version of Parametron was 0.9.1 as well.

What could be wrong? And how do I resolve the problem and get the latest version of Parametron?

Maybe some other package you have installed is not compatible with the latest version. You can try to add the version you want explicitly:

$ pkg add Parametron@0.9

and see what the error message suggests. In a clean environment I get 0.9.1 for example:

$ pkg --project=$(mktemp) add Parametron
 Resolving package versions...
 Installed Parametron ─────── v0.9.1
 Installed MathOptInterface ─ v0.8.4
  Updating `/tmp/tmp.5sXqaE8Z2R`
  [41fac6d6] + Parametron v0.9.1
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