Package won't update to most recent version


I am trying to update a package called MCMCChains to its most recent release version. For some reason, it does not work. The latest version is 0.3.7.

(v1.1) pkg> update
  Updating registry at `~/.julia/registries/General`
  Updating git-repo ``
 Resolving package versions...
  Updating `~/.julia/environments/v1.1/Project.toml`
 [no changes]
  Updating `~/.julia/environments/v1.1/Manifest.toml`
 [no changes]

(v1.1) pkg> st
    Status `~/.julia/environments/v1.1/Project.toml`
  [c52e3926] Atom v0.8.5
  [593b3428] CmdStan v5.0.1
  [0c46a032] DifferentialEquations v6.3.0
  [31c24e10] Distributions v0.18.0
  [e5e0dc1b] Juno v0.7.0
  [c7f686f2] MCMCChains v0.3.6
  [429524aa] Optim v0.18.1
  [d96e819e] Parameters v0.10.3
  [91a5bcdd] Plots v0.24.0
  [295af30f] Revise v2.1.2
  [2913bbd2] StatsBase v0.29.0
  [4c63d2b9] StatsFuns v0.8.0
  [f3b207a7] StatsPlots v0.10.2
  [fce5fe82] Turing v0.6.14

(v1.1) pkg> 

I tried the following:
] gc followed by ] update
] resolve followed by ] update
] add MCMCChains @v0.3.7
adding only MCMCChains to a fresh install of Julia

Chris, the version number in Project.toml is set to 0.3.6 so that is what will be displayed.

I would for now use add MCMCChains#master. If you want to test it, ] test MCMCChains should return:

Test Summary: | Pass  Total
MCMCChains    |  124    124
   Testing MCMCChains tests passed 

The master version by the way includes the data frame based summary updates, e.g.:

using Turing

θ = .6
k = rand(Binomial(N,θ))
@model model(N,k) = begin
    θ ~ Beta(5,5)
    k~ Binomial(N,θ)
Nsamples = 2000
Nadapt = 1000
δ = .85
specs = NUTS(Nsamples,Nadapt,δ)
chainarray = map(x->sample(model(N,k),specs),1:4)

x = []
for (i,ch) in enumerate(chainarray)
    print(i, " ")
    push!(x, summarize(ch[1001:end,:,:], sections=[:parameters]) )

x[[1, 3, 4]]

Thanks, Rob. Is there a reason 0.3.7 has been released but the Project.toml has not been updated?

This release never made it to the registry: Tag MCMCChains.jl v0.3.7 by attobot · Pull Request #22777 · JuliaLang/METADATA.jl · GitHub so as far as Pkg knows 0.3.6 is the latest release.

This is not true unless you are in a checked out state (i.e. have added a branch or similar).

The maintainers forgot, and thats probably why Tag MCMCChains.jl v0.3.7 by attobot · Pull Request #22777 · JuliaLang/METADATA.jl · GitHub had failing tests and thus never merged.

I would file an issue with the package asking for a new release using the new system.

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Thanks. That sounds like good advice. I’ll file an issue unless Rob has an objection (he is one of the maintainers).

Over the next couple of days we will figure all of this out, but I think it might be an oversight from our side as the Pkg3 stuff was only very recently added to MCMCChains (last week). As Attobot is now gone I think we have to tag the release ourselves and, as before, update the version number, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Would filing an issue be helpful or is this already on the agenda (I suspect)?

Filing an issue would be great! Thanks.

No problem. I filed the issue.