Julia Package for Unit Conversion

Not exactly my first steps, but I saw no other place to post this.

Is there a Julia package taking care of unit conversions (like converting metres to miles, etc.)?

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Have a look at: Unitful

For miles you probably also want UnitfulUS.



That looks like it.

Sometimes Google can help more quickly, like searching for “julia unit conversion”, which will lead you to at least two packages on the very first page :wink:

Yes, that may be so.

I searched using the strings “julia” and “conversion” on the forum itself.

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Just for your information, another source of information for this kind of questions is pkg.julialang.org. (I’m mentioning it here because I think it doesn’t have the popularity it deserves)

In your case, the query “unit conversion” returns a few relevant packages (first among which is Unitful.jl):


That being said, I think posting the question on discourse is the best way to get a feeling about which packages are popular, maintained, and overall in good shape.


Thanks. That is good to know.