Julia on RISC-V / Mango Pi board

Hey all. I just found out about the Mango Pi Mango Pi official website | Tiny and Elegant SBC | mqpro which is a RISC-V dev board similar to the RasPi zero.

I’d love to run Julia on one of these, but obviously it’s RISC-V architecture. I’m not the kind of guy who’s likely to hack that support together but I wonder what is the general level of difficulty that porting to RISC-V would involve? I assume it’s mostly at the LLVM level.


linking this Github Discussion:

and this: alexfanqi - riscv64 Julia fork:

"Currently, this fork is compiling okay and seems to work fine, but I have not run through the test suite to verify yet.

I am currently working alone on riscv port. I will submit this in a pr shortly. If anyone else is intereted, I would be very pleased to work together to make the riscv support mature like arm."

read more: julia/riscv.md at master · alexfanqi/julia · GitHub

and the changes: Comparing JuliaLang:master...alexfanqi:master · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

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So based on all that I’m going to say, some time in the not too distant future basically… that’s great to hear. I really have no direct skills to help @alexfanqi with, but maybe if someone sees this topic and has that skill set and interest they’ll consider it.