Julia on mobile: Ways to call Swift and/or Kotlin/Java on Android?

First, I do view any non-JVM/Kotlin/Java apps to be non-native to Android, but might be mistaken about how inferior it is. People do a lot of JavaScript apps, I’m told. There’s also Kivy for Python Android apps, so Julia could do similar. [Note, JavaCall.jl works for JVM, except on Android, its JVM is different.]

I pretty much ruled out Julia as good for Android (at least for now, while it CAN run there in some sense).

It’s because it’s easier to call a non-garbage collected language. I overlooked Swift is such as thing.

I do see outdated (and only worked on macOS): GitHub - JuliaInterop/ObjectiveC.jl: Objective-C embedded in Julia

People avoid Objective-C by now, but can you still do all iOS apps with it? Would it be helpful to resurrect that package?

Swift apps can be cross-platform to Android.

Kotlin apps can be cross-platform to iOS. What would be the preferred way? I would sure choose Kotlin, if only thinking of Android.

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