Julia on Lego ev3dev?

Has anyone got any experience trying to use Julia on ARM on the Lego Mindstorms EV3 computers? My son’s school is using those in a robotics class and using RobotC for programming, but I’m wondering if a more interactive development could be possible through Julia and its REPL?

I know basically zero about using ev3dev except you put it on an SD card and boot the machine from it and it gives you some kind of Debian based ARM Linux running on the brick.

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Looks like it’s ARMv9 EV3 Processor precisely ARM926EJ-S

That’s a 32bit processor which we currently don’t provide binaries for.

Aha, yeah, that’s an issue I guess. Looks like there are a bunch of EV3 compatible Raspberry Pi based replacements, which might be a reasonable alternative.

Probably not actually relevant to this school year though.