Julia on free tier cloud instances

I would like to run my little julia application on a free cloud machine. Currently I’m using a AWS EC2 t2.micro machine. Unfortunately the micro instance (1GB memory, 1vCPU) fails on precompilation of DataFrames.

Is there something I can do to make the package precompilation consuming less memory (I tried to run julia with -O0, but it didn’t work)?
Or some other solution?

Thank you!

One thing that’s worked for me is to build a docker image on my laptop with my libraries precompiled and use that. See e.g. How to Deploy Docker Containers – AWS

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I’ll try that, thank you for the hint.

I’m on a t2.micro too and Julia works just fine with DataFrames.
I should mention that I added a 1GB swap file to deal with low memory issues.

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That was even the quicker solution :+1: