DataFrames.jl doesn't want to precompile on Julia 1.6

Using Julia 1.6, on debian buster 64-bit (1GB RAM). I can add and precompile successfully packages such as CSV, Plots, NCDatasets etc,
but when i add DataFrames, it installed with the other packages that precompiled succesfully, however when the time is to precompile DataFrames it stack here:
Precompiling project …
Progress[============================> ] 23/24
o DataFrames

I am waiting to finish, but this never happen ! I was waiting 3 hours…
Where you think is the problem?

I just added DataFrames to a 1.6 installation, no problems (on Linux). Sometimes, you may have network connectivity problems which prevent all needed packages from downloading properly. Try exiting Julia, and starting again, once you’re sure your network connection is ok.

i started again 3 times, with no problems in network…, but the same problem only with DataFrames…
Thank you for your reply.

You may try to add some swap and monitor memory usage with top/htop. I’ve experienced something like this and +2Gb in swap helped precompilation to go through.

Also check for free storage space.

Finally, i add in swapfile 6GB and Dataframes precompiled successfully!
Thank you both!!